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K7 Ultimate Security Gold / 1 User / 20 Years



Product Description

Antivirus and Anti Spyware

Secure your devices from

blended threats. Proactively prevents

attacks from malicious websites

and monitors the system and

network for potential threats in real time.

Upgrade for Free

K7’s Ultimate Security is a version

free product, which unlike other

products in the market, does not

add additional costs when a

version upgrade is released.

K7 gives free version upgrades

during the license period.

Backup and Restore

Prevent loss of important data

by backing up all data and

restoring whenever you want.

Multi-platform Protection

You can now protect your

Android, Mac, iOS and Windows

devices unser the same umbrella.

Use a single subscription to

protect all the devices your family owns.

K7 Cerebro Scan Engine

Zero-day protection is provided by our

Ultra-fast, incredibly intelligent

Cerebro scanning engine.

By using artificial intelligence

and machine learning, it proactively

detects not only existing threats but

also new, emerging threats. All

these activities are done in real time.

Smart Firewall

The Smart Firewall with stealth

capabilities monitors and

protects all communications

between your computer and other

computers on the Internet.

The firewall implements a smart intrusion

detection system to stop

network-based attacks, with an

automatic decision capability.

K7 Secure Transact

E-commerce operations are made

safer by ensuring complete

protection during online

transactions on online

banking sites, payment services

and online shopping sites.

Parental Control

You can restrict/ block and set

the timings for internet access,

control which applications/games

are used and monitor your child’s

application usage. Keep your

kids safe in the digital environment.

To Download: https://www.k7computing.com/in/home-users/multi-device


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